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HuffPost mocks Daily Caller's widely reported 'exclusive


The Huffington Post called out the Daily Caller on Tuesday for publishing what it dubbed an "exclusive" report that President Obama "stole" the title of his book "Audacity of Hope" from an old sermon by Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

As HuffPost pointed out, "Wright's sermon containing that phrase has been on YouTube for many years." You can also find the connection on Wright's Wikipedia bio. Obama also credits Wright in the book for the title.

To the DC's credit, their report did include an apparently new video of Obama in 2006 talking about taking the title of the book from the sermon.

The report also points out that in the video, Obama refers to Wright as "my pastor." It goes on to cite Obama in 2008 denouncing controversial statements made by Wright that came to light in the presidential election that year, presumably to note a contradiction. But it was also already known that Wright was Obama's pastor and that Obama had distanced himself from Wright during the election.

"Exclusive video" may have been a more appropriate headline for the article.

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