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Real or Fake? Video Shows Alleged Navy Vet Beaten After Spraying Anti-Japanese Graffiti On Car

"You're lucky I'm not leaving you in a f****** ditch somewhere."

It's a video apparently showing racism, violence, and a defaced Mitsubishi Evo on the December 7th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but is it real?

The video clip below, which is already up on a few sites, including Business Insider via Jalopnik, appears to show a "racist Navy Vet" who spray-painted the Japanese car of an Asian-American owner with the date of Pearl Harbor, 12-7, and "USN" in a parking lot (location as of yet undetermined).

While we are only shown the aftermath of the alleged incident, the narrator very enthusiastically relays into his camera-phone how he "whooped your f****** ass you fa****, you wanna f*** with my s***" followed by observations such as  "you're lucky you're still alive… f******* b****" and "you're lucky I'm not leaving you in a f****** ditch somewhere."

The alleged owner of the vandalized vehicle appears keen on his knowledge of the law. At one point in the video, either the car owner or his associate yells "you're going to prison-- that is over $1000 of damage, that's a warrant... we want you in prison."

Assuming for a moment the veracity of this entire clip, the car owner appears to casually admit to his own assault in response to the vandalism, and adds to it the continued threat that the beaten and bloody "Navy vet" is lucky to be alive.

This all appears quite curious, as aggravated assault is a more serious charge than vandalism, and there is no loophole in the law for assault and battery in response to spray-painting a car.

Think of it this way: If someone were to throw a baseball through another person's window, it would be highly inadvisable from a legal standpoint for that person to run across the street and take a bat to the window-breaker's knees in response.

As for the possibility of hate crime charges, the Evo owner throws around his fair share of anti-gay language, which could seem to put him in a precarious position on that score as well.

None of this is to say that the alleged vet's racist graffiti is anything but deplorable, if real. It's just that, looking objectively at the situation, there are a number of things that don't seem to add up.

And we all know there are plenty of hoax fight videos  (content warning on the link) flying around the internet at any given time.

If this video was indeed fake, the next question would be: why make it in the first place? Perhaps in the hope that it goes viral to promote the Evo, or just to create an internet hoax for kicks?

The Blaze will follow-up on this story as new information emerges. The clip claims that the Navy vet was arrested -- which means once we get a location for this incident, we can confirm whether this actually happened in the way it appears in the video, what charges were filed, and any other pertinent information.

Watch the full video below, decide whether the nasty interaction is staged or not, and Blaze readers, let us know your thoughts in our comments section. (Content Warning: Lots of Vulgarities)

(h/t Business Insider)

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