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Sports Columnist: Tim Tebow 'Does What the Bible Asks of Him


"Why are we so willing to let people mock the Christian faith?"

Jennifer Floyd Engel, a columnist for Fox Sports, appeared on the "Fox & Friends" this week, where she asked, "Why are we so willing to let people mock the Christian faith?" The subject at hand, of course, was Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, whose faith has been the focus of intense discussion and debate over the past few months.

Tebow, who shows overt openness in addressing his love for Jesus Christ, has yet to buckle under the pressure; he continues to bow, pray and defend his faith. During her discussion with Fox's Gretchen Carlson, Engel defended the 24-year-old and said, "We can all learn a lesson from Tim Tebow."

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Engel recapped the "Tebowing" phenomenon as well and railed against the notion that people would so openly "mock someone who has the good sense to thank God." She also provided insight about why she believes his faith has come under public fire.

"I think Tim Tebow makes a lot of us feel uncomfortable, because he actually proves that you can bring God into whatever area or arena of life you're in," she explained. "He does what the Bible asks of him...if you're a person who doesn't follow that, he makes you uncomfortable." This uncomfortableness, she says, leads to teasing.

Watch her comments, below:

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This isn't the first time Engel has spoken out in defense of Tebow. In November, she wrote a column that questioned how people would treat Tebow if he were a Muslim. She wrote:

Imagine for a second, the Denver Broncos quarterback is a devout follower of Islam, sincere and principled in his beliefs and thus bowed toward Mecca to celebrate touchdowns. Now imagine if Detroit Lions playersStephen Tulloch and Tony Scheffler mockingly bowed toward Mecca, too, after tackling him for a loss or scoring a touchdown, just like what happened Sunday.

I know what would happen. All hell would break loose.

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The Blaze's Mike Opelka also explored this subject, where he took a poll that asked, "Would Tebow be mocked if he was a Muslim and shouted 'Allahu Akbar' after each touchdown?"

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