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Limbaugh Reveals Tim Tebow Theory: People Hate Him Because the 'Jesus Business' 'Drives People Nuts

"that just makes 'em nervous"

Denver Broncos young phenom quarterback Tim Tebow has done nothing but win since he took over the team seven weeks ago. He's 6-1, has led several comebacks, and he's inspired the team. But ever since he took over, he's faced a lot of criticism from the media and even former players. He's either not a good enough thrower, or he's a little too vocal about his faith. On Monday, Rush Limbaugh rushed to Tebow's defense and offered a theory: people hate Tebow in part because of Tebow's faith.

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Limbaugh's comments were based on an op-ed by Larry Taunton in USA Today. The lengthy piece hypothesized that "the anti-Tebow bias isn't about football:"

Their dislike for Tim Tebow is not, as they would have us believe, about his throwing motion or his completion percentage; it's all about his open professions of faith and his goody-two shoes image. When it comes right down to it, we don't want heroes who are truly good. We want them to fail the occasional drug test or start a bar fight from time to time. It makes us feel better about ourselves. Tebow, however, doesn'tmake us feel better about ourselves. People like him make us feel a little convicted about the things we say and do. So we find a reason to dislike them. Or, when Tebow says that glory goes to God and the credit for a victory goes to his teammates, coaches, and family, we are suspicious. An increasingly jaded culture, we don't believe that anyone can say such things and really mean them.

So we wait.

We wait for evidence that he really isn't that good. We hope to see him kick a player on the ground, drop an F-bomb on television, or Tweet pictures of his privates. In the meantime, we always have Penn State's Jerry Sandusky to make us feel better about ourselves. [Emphasis added]

Limbaugh read the op-ed on radio and then added to it.

"It's also about the fact that he's highly visible on his love of Jesus Christ, that just makes 'em nervous," he said. Later he added, "This guy's right: there's everything in the world to admire about the guy, except that Jesus business. That just drives people nuts!"

His thoughts start at about six minutes below (courtesy of Daily Rushbo):

Later, Limbaugh said that what's happening with Tebow is the same thing that has happened with Sarah Palin, mainly that the elites are invested in them failing:

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