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Oops: Reporter Learns the Hard Way That 'Hoosiers' and 'Hooters' Sound a Lot Alike


“Back to you before I say anything else. I’ll just close my mouth.”

KUSA-TV's Denver’s Ashton Altieri found out the hard way that the word “Hoosier” (a term for an Indiana native) is dangerously close to another word that may have something to do with chicken wings and waitresses in tight shirts. The word? Hooters.

During a recent newscast, Altieri had an unfortunate slip-up when he confused the two words. Watch the video and enjoy the awkward laughing, blushing and voice cracking that follows:

Because the slip was directed towards fellow reporter Aaron Matas, as opposed to his female co-host Corey Rose, does that make this more embarrassing or less embarrassing for Mr. Altieri?

It's hard to say. Either way, it's a cringe-worthy moment for everyone involved--and it all happened on live TV.

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