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NBC Hockey Commentator Turned Alleged Angry Hockey Dad Denies Hitting 12-Year-Old Player


Former Boston Bruins head coach and current NBC commentator Mike Milbury was charged Friday with assault and battery on a 12-year-old hockey player. In an interview with The Boston Globe Saturday, Milbury denies claims that he shook and threatened an opposing player of his son's peewee hockey team after a December 9 game. Milbury was not arrested, but has been summonsed to Brookline District Court to answer the charges.

“Milbury picked up my son by the shirt, shook him, and was screaming and swearing at him,” the alleged victim's mother told WBZ-TV. “Its horrific. You can’t put your hands on a child.”

The Brookline Police Department said that the boy was not hurt.

“Mike Milbury denies any allegations that there was an assault of any kind. He simply intervened in an altercation between his son and an opposing player. No one was struck, no one was injured and no one was threatened,” Millbury’s lawyer Dan Rabinovitz said in a statement.

The former head coach and Boston Bruins player for 12 seasons told the Globe that no one was hit and he was only watching out for his son, who was "verbally bullied by the other player for over two hours."

“No one was punched, kicked, or assaulted in any way," said Milbury. "I know the ‘Mad Mike’ image that I have and all that. I love the game, I’m passionate about it, but I don’t smack kids around. I grabbed the other kid by the sweater to stop a fight and, yeah, I swore at him. That’s it. That’s what I did.”

Milbury has been suspended from both NBC and CBC until the charges are sorted out.

CBS Boston reports on the incident:

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