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Wild Video: Runaway Electric Cart Mows Down Coaches At Cowboys Stadium


"Oh my! That's like a runaway cart there."

At least one man was taken to a Dallas-area hospital after a driverless electric cart drove onto the field at Cowboys Stadium, plowing through a small group of coaches being interviewed after winning a high school football championship.

Coach Willie Amendola of Spring Dekaney High School is the man who ends up in the passenger seat after being hit from behind while speaking to reporters.

As you can see in the clip, several people were struck by the runaway cart. The latest reports said only one person needed to be transported to the hospital. Fox News reported that not long after the incident, Coach Amendola was actually seen giving more post-game interviews on the field - with a small streak of blood on his left forearm.

For the record, Spring Dekaney won the Texas State Division 5-A II Championship on Saturday night, beating the defending state champs, Cibolo Steele 34-14.

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