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This Is the Massive NYC Gun Depot Where Weapons Are Stored for TV Shows & Movies

This Is the Massive NYC Gun Depot Where Weapons Are Stored for TV Shows & Movies

Every weapon imaginable...

So, you want to see where the guns, knives, and other weapons for movies and television shows come from?

Welcome to the Specialists Ltd. in New York City.

Actor Rick Washburn owns the fascinating place, which is hidden away from the street because, as Washburn says, "We don't want people to know where we are."

The Specialists holds every kind of weapon you can imagine, and all the guns have been modified, as they were originally were fully functional. Prop masters show up to pick out whatever they need for a production. And if they can't find something, the specialists will make it for them. They even have training sessions for actors who want to wield weapons like a pro.

Specialists has a showroom and shop studio in SoHo, a warehouse in Brooklyn, and locations in Pennsylvania and New Orleans.

Currently largest prop supplier outside of Hollywood, the Specialists hope to one day be the biggest supplier in the U.S.

Now for the fun part -- check out some of the amazing slides of the company's weapons, courtesy of Robert Johnson at Business Insider:

Washburn poses in front of his wares.

Here is part of the rifles section, with a number of M-16 and AK-47 variants mounted.

You can't have an action movie without some sidearms, and the Specialists have plenty. Check out this wall of pistols and other concealable firearms. Can you find the micro uzi?

When you think New York television shows, crime procedurals like "Law and Order" probably come to mind. Well, the specialists have plenty of "wheel guns," as the veteran members of the NYPD refer to their snub-nose revolvers.

Shotguns, rifles, anti-tank missiles, machin guns, RPGs -- the specialists could probably outfit a battalion with enough left over for a remake of "Apocalypse Now."

When they want to let their creative juices flow, Washburn and his team will come up with completely new designs to light up the silver screen. Below is a special "Gatling" gun, which is really a hybrid of two AK-47's welded together.


The Kriss Vector uses a new technology that greatly reduces recoil even though it fires a powerful .45 caliber round.

You can't make a Seal Team 6 movie without access to the latest and greatest in military sniper rifles. Extra points if you know just by looking which one of the rifles below is the XM-2010, the U.S. military's newest and most advanced sniper rifle.

The space-age looking FN 2000 is a compact, bullpup design that really packs a punch. It can fire 850 rounds a minute on fully automatic, but of course this model can now only fire blanks.

If you are going to equip a third-world dictator or drug baron, you can't do much better than this faux-pearl, nickel plated AK-47. Saddam Hussein would be proud.

When rifle rounds just aren't enough, the Specialists can hook you up with an AT-4 anti-tank missile. This falls into that old adage -- 'you can never have too much firepower.'

But what if you need something more Richard the Lionheart than Rambo? Don't worry, you're covered. The specialists are also history buffs of sort, and they have a slew of crossbows, lances, and other medieval implements of death and mayhem for your period film.

And of course, below are the battle axes, so you can unleash your inner Viking on set.

Believe it or not, you can see even more walls of the weapons at Business Insider by clicking here.

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