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Layaway Angel' Generously Picks Up Entire $16K Layaway Tab at California Kmart


...more than 1,000 peoples' debts.

We've already told you about the "Secret Santas" around the nation who have been randomly going into stores and discretely paying off peoples' debts. The chain of serial giving started earlier this month when a Plainfield, Michigan, woman went into a Kmart and paid off $500 worth of layaway bills for customers in need. She also donated a shopping cart full of toys to the store.

Now, another individual has picked up on the idea, as he recently dropped nearly $16,000 to pay off more than 1,000 peoples' debts.

CBS News refers to the man, David Wilson, as a "Layaway Angel," rather than a "Secret Santa" (after all, since we know the guy's name, we can't really dub his actions "secretive"). Wilson apparently spent the massive sum of money to help Kmart shoppers out in Laguna Beach, Calif. The not-so-mysterious man apparently called the local store up and asked the staff to tally the total for all items on layaway that cost under $100. Then, he paid the sum ($15, 919.61) off.

Wilson apparently inspired others to give at his local Kmart as well, as an additional $8,000 flowed in from donors who wish to make Christmas bright for their neighbors. Those individuals giving apparently didn't appear to be wealthy either, proving that we can all do our part to help those in need this holiday season.

On Dec. 15, Glenn Beck talked about the original mystery woman who kicked off the spirit of layaway giving on his radio show and encouraged listeners to join in on the generosity.

During the segment, he shared a heart-felt story about his family's own experience filling a jar with money throughout the year and then putting it on a random family's doorstop (check out "Christmas Jars" for more information on where this idea comes from).

"If there is a way for you to spend less this year on your family and more on others... If you don't have the money, just pare back your Christmas in scale and replace it with something of real meaning and real tradition, it will be really, really well worth it," Beck said, as he was clearly moved by the woman's story.

The chain reaction of giving continues to inspire individuals across America.

(H/T: Consumerist)

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