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Arab League Monitor in Syria: I Saw Snipers with My Own Eyes


More dramatic amateur footage has emerged showing violence and oppression in cities across Syria where the government has engaged in a brutal crackdown on demonstrations. The latest troubling video from the region to go viral includes shocked observations from a representative of an Arab League monitoring mission, who claims to have witnessed snipers and other violence against hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy protesters following Friday prayers.

The Telegraph reports that Syrian government forces purportedly used water cannons to disperse protesters in the southern city of Daraa.

The viral video shows an Arab League observer claiming to have witnessed snipers in the city.

"We saw them with our own eyes. We call on the authorities to remove them immediately. We will contact the Arab League immediately and if they do not comply within 24 hours, there will be other measures," he said as translated by the Telegraph.

The video's authenticity cannot be verified as Syria has banned most foreign journalists and prevented independent reporting inside the country. When the BBC interviewed the chief of the Arab League mission later in the day, he denied that the official had seen the snipers.

The Telegraph reports that despite the presence of the monitors, activists say Syrian forces killed at least 19 people on Friday, most of them shot during anti-government protests.

Pro-democracy protests in Syria began peacefully nine months ago but are now now violent, sparring no-one  including women and children.

The United Nations says more than 5,000 people in the nation have been killed since March. 

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