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Full context of Romney's 'I won't cry' remark


On Friday I posted a Mitt Romney quote from a campaign event in Iowa in which he appeared to be making fun of a moment from earlier in the day in which Newt Gingrich cried.

From the post:

Mitt Romney made fun of the moment. At a separate event later in the day, he talked about his own parents and how they raised him, adding, “No, no, I won’t cry,” according to Politico.

Thank God. There’s no shame in crying, but laying it out in public? Spare me. There’s no way Michele Bachmann would get away with it. None of the men should either.

As BLAZE reader DIANARAE pointed out in the comments section of the post, that wasn't the full context of Romney's quote. Romney followed with, "but I do. Nothing to be ashamed of in that regard."

In full, Romney's comments don't look like he was making fun of Gingrich for tearing up and there's no solid reason to assume he was.

Thanks to DIANARAE for helping set the record straight!

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