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Obama camp HQ is a frathouse


The only thing missing is a kegerator.

A writer for Newsweek visited President Barack Obama's reelection campaign headquarters in Chicago recently. Here's  how he described it:

[T]here was a blue Ping-Pong table in the middle of the office—custom-made, evidently, because the Obama 2012 logo was emblazoned on it. (Twice.) There were printouts of people’s nicknames—Sandals! Shermanator!—where corporate nameplates usually go. There was a mesh trucker hat from South Dakota, which was blaze orange and said “Big Cock Country” on the crown. There was a cardboard speech bubble (“nom nom data nom”) affixed to an Uglydoll. There was miniature air-hockey table. A narwhal mural. A stuffed Rastafarian banana.

Big what country?

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