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Gingrich Doubles Down on Calling Romney a 'Liar' -- Romney Responds: 'Ready For It


"Mitt Romney fails to tell the truth on three levels."

Iowa caucus day is not without its drama. And much of that drama has focused on comments by Newt Gingrich calling Mitt Romney a "liar" earlier this morning. And he's not backing away from it. During a follow-up Fox News interview, Newt doubled down on the comments:

"Look, Mitt Romney fails to tell the truth on three levels. He won't tell the truth about his own record. He's at best a Massachusetts moderate, not a conservative. He has refused to tell the truth about his super PAC, which is run by his staff and funded by his millionaire friends. And his super PAC runs ads that are just plain lies."

Watch below:

In the same interview, Newt promised to release five lies that Romney's super PAC has promulgated. As of publication time, his website,, did not have any information on the alleged lies.

As for Romney, he brushed off the attacks in a separate Fox interview.

“I know that it’s always tempting to look for someone else to blame, but at some point you gotta stop and say, what things can I do better?” he said.

He's also not worried about future attacks.

“If the speaker decides to come after me, that’s part of the process. I’m ready for it,” he said. “If I can’t handle this kind of attack, how in the world would I handle the attack that’s going to come from President Obama?”

You can watch that interview below:

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