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Herman Cain states the obvious about Perry


It's a safe bet Herman Cain won't be endorsing Rick Perry.

"He started out with a lot of hoopla, and it wasn’t deserved, because the media, as well as the establishment, wanted to make him a foregone superstar as soon as he got in the race,” Cain said Wednesday of the Texas governor on Don Imus' Fox Business Network show. "And he had to debate. People found out that he had very weak debating skills, in my opinion. He wasn’t deep on any of the issues, and this sort of thing."

Perry is no master debater. He's actually fairly awful. But Cain was no deep dish himself. He gave a poor defense of his 9-9-9 plan and knew gave a dismal performance in CNN's foreign policy debate. But, he's not running anymore, so that's that.

h/t Washington Post

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