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SHOCK CLAIM: Newt Gingrich is part black


James David Manning, a pastor in Harlem and outspoken birther, thinks Newt Gingrich is "erratic" and "unpredictable." But more importantly, he thinks Gingrich's dad is black.

"I have got some inside information about Newt Gingrich," Manning said during a recorded podcast for his show "The Manning Report" in December. "And I have a strange suspicion, the reason why Newt is so erratic and unpredictable is that, I believe that Newt Gingrich's father was a liberal, educated black man. I do."

The proof? "Because Newt's real name is Newton Leroy Mcpherson... Nobody on the planet names their children Leroy except black people. Just like nobody on the planet names their sons Hector except Hispanic people."

Luckily, there's more. Manning thinks Mitt Romney "has some black blood in him, too."

Yes, he's serious.

Watch (and listen to the annoying way Manning says "Newt") via Buzzfeed:

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