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Glenn Beck is Daniel Boone?


No, Glenn Beck isn't Daniel Boone but like Boone, he's showing the world things it's never seen before in media and beyond.

Marcus Carey, editor of BlueGrassBulletin.com, says it best:

[Daniel Boone] was a visionary who saw the potential of the rich environment which was at the time unexplored, uncharted and yet filled with bounty, if only he could bring people with him to put down roots in a strange and uncertain place.

We now exalt Daniel Boone for his courage, his vision and his stamina.  We credit him with much of the settlement of America west of the Alleghenies.

A few months back I wrote about Glenn Beck’s move from Fox News to his new online venture at GBTV.  I reminded folks how UHF channels offered the first competition to the three big broadcast networks, then how cable TV opened up a new frontier for expanded programming, only to be vastly improved upon by satellite television offerings.

I opined that Glenn Beck’s vision to take his show to the Internet was groundbreaking, filled with potential and could change everything.

At first when I logged in to watch his show I was less than impressed. Sure, he had a nice studio, good lighting, expensive cameras and his “live streaming” technology seemed to be cutting edge.  But the show wasn’t comfortable to watch on my computer screen, nor was his content up to his old standards at Fox.

But then Glenn moved his family and his operation to Texas and this week he is launching his “dream” from an amazing studio in Dallas called “The Planning Office."  I just finished watching his entire two hour program and had to share my experience with the world.  In short it was “WOW!"

Read more of Carey's personal experience with GBTV here.

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