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GOP debate on the surface: S.C primary


The race for the Republican presidential nomination has had some casualties since the Iowa Caucuses but several of the contenders are still hanging in there. Here are the kibbles and bits from Monday's Fox News/Wall Street Journal GOP debate leading into the South Carolina primary:

1. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Ron Paul suggested the late Rev. King would have supported his position on ending the Drug War. There's no question King would have been an adamant supporter of Paul and probably even subscribed to those racy newsletters for some light reading.

2. Mitt Romney emerged unscathed, except for the awkward moment he tried to describe a recent hunting trip. He said he went "moose hunting" before correcting himself: "Not moose hunting, I’m sorry, elk hunting — with friends in Montana." To the right is a photo of a moose positioned next to an elk. I can't tell them apart either.

3. Also, Romney got to talk too much. It was like watching one of those Lincoln-Douglas debates Newt Gingrich fawns over in which candidates take turns talking at length. Except Romney was the only one who got to talk.

4. Gingrich served up a show stopper when clarifying his reason for calling President Barack Obama the "food stamp president."

4. Fox News' Juan Williams was one of the moderators and it was a shame to see the minority on the panel ask the bulk of the race-related questions. BLAZE readers participating in our live chat hated it. Surely Williams cares about more than race.

5. Rick Perry, when asked about NATO: "Fritos? Love 'em."

6. What gets more mentions in the GOP debates? China or Chile (unquestionably pronounced CHEE-LAY)?

7. Rick Santorum? Yeah, he's still in.

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