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NASA's Newest Video: See the Milky Way Rise Over Earth's Horizon


As Gizmodo rightly notes, it is almost on a weekly basis that the "most amazing" video of Earth taken from the International Space Station graces the Internet. This week is no different.

But, as Gizmodo also points out, this one isn't stunning visual of the northern lights or major cities from space. The latest from the ISS taken on Dec. 29, 2011, shows the Milky Way above Earth's horizon and lightning over Africa.

Watch the footage here (Note: Look closely. NASA says you can spot the Lovejoy Comet near the Milky Way):

According to NASA's description on YouTube, the Milky Way is the "hazy band of white light" at the beginning of the video and the bright, white light at the end is the sun over the ocean.

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