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Did This Teen Murder His Parents Over Their Opposition to His Alleged Occupy Oakland Involvement?


"...too much time in the Occupy Oakland encampment."

The Occupy movement has had both a resurgence in terms of protest activity and media coverage. Following arrests this week in Oakland and New York, a disturbing story is coming out of California, where prosecutors claim Moses Kamin, a 15-year-old boy, murdered his foster parents and subsequently stuffed their bodies into a car.

Now it may seem odd that this allegedly gruesome act would be connected to the Occupy movement -- and it's entirely possible that it's not -- but let's take a look at what we know so far. The boy, who will be tried as an adult, was apparently fighting with his foster parents over the time he was spending at the Occupy Oakland camp. After all, what parent wants his or her young and impresionable teenager hanging out around those shenanigans?

"Coworkers said the couple had been arguing with their foster son. Some of the fights were over him spending too much time in the Occupy Oakland encampment," reports KTVU.com. "A family friend told KTVU that those arguments were not what led to the killings but would not say what did."

The International Business Times has more:

Moses Kamin was arraigned in Alameda County Superior Court for allegedly murdering Robert Kamin, 55, and Susan Poff, 50. Kamin faces two counts of murder and, if convicted, a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Police detained the youth on Friday after the bodies of his foster parents were discovered in a red PT Cruiser parked outside the family house, according to the Oakland Tribune. Scorch marks were found on the car because Kamin had attempted to set the gas tanks on fire. After he confessing the details of the crime, police said, they formally arrested him on Saturday morning.

Kamin was adopted by Kamin, a clinical psychologist in the San Francisco jail system, and Poff, a physician with the San Francisco Department of Public Health's Housing and Urban Health Clinic, in 2002.

In November, police claim that Kamin, who has a black belt in karate, ran away to protest with the Oakland Occupiers. It is suspected that the young boy may have even burglarized his own home and stolen the family car. Clearly, he was a troubled youth who was engaging, according to reports, in various acts of defiance.

Kamin was also recently suspended from school on a number of occasions. Tensions surrounding these incidents, sources say, may have created a portion of the motive. While there's no telling how much time the boy spent at Occupy Oakland and how much influence the movement had on his thinking, the connection -- and his parents opposition to his alleged involvement -- is noteworthy.

Authorities suspect that he first strangled his mother following an argument. Then, after waiting for his father to come home, he attacked and murdered him as well. When his father didn't show up to work the next day, concerned co-workers alerted police and the bodies were inevitably discovered after they questioned the teen.

As noted, Kamin's father was a psychologist in the San Francisco jail system. Considering this background, he surely would have had the skills to assist in son in dealing with whatever traumatic issues he was internally facing. Sadly, the story didn't end that way.

"Bob's strength was dealing with people in jail, who are in terrible situations and very demanding," said Robert's brother Bruce Kamin. "It's too bad that his own son couldn't benefit from that."

While he initially denied the crime, Kamin has since admitted to strangling his adoptive mother and father. He faces two counts of murder and could receive a life sentence with no chance of parole.

(H/T: International Business Times)

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