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Credit Card Cloning Gang Initiated Members Through Three-Way Sex to Prevent Undercover Cops


“That was to protect himself, to keep cops from infiltrating his group."

Strange details from a criminal credit card gang, the leader which was deported in 2010, are just now emerging -- and they are disturbing.

The Athens Banner-Herald in Georgia reports the case for a fraudulent credit card gang was officially closed in early January and Athens-Clarke police Detective Beverly Russell, who had been helping the U.S. Secret Service with the investigation since 2007, has begun sharing details. The most unusual of which is the method leader Vikas Yadav used to ensure spies were not a part of his gang: three-way sex.

The Banner-Herald has more:

He looked for potential accomplices in the scheme — which netted millions of dollars — in online chat rooms for people who were into sadomasochistic sex.

Anyone who wanted to join Yadav’s ring had to prove himself by having group sex with Yadav — sometimes with other men, women or both — all while Yadav videotaped the scene.

Though the sex satisfied Yadav’s own perversions, he used the unusual initiations to weed out people he thought might belong to law enforcement [...]

“Basically, everyone that became involved (in the ring) met Vikas in S&M chat sites, and (the way) for them to get into the inner sanctum of the group was to have sex with him and others, and be videoed doing it,” Russell said.

“That was to protect himself, to keep cops from infiltrating his group,” she said.

The Banner-Herald reports that Yadav worked at a local liquor store where he stole credit card information from customers that he then put on blank credit cards and gift cards to use for purchase of big ticket items that he would later sell for cash. Yadav was apprehended in 2008 and cloned credit cards and the equipment to make such cards were found in his possession. According to the Banner-Herald, Yadav was deported back to his native country of India, but he could have been sentenced to up to 25 years in federal prison.

The three main accomplices -- Dashun McQuiller, Shaun Grittner, and Dwight Riddick, who was a former New York City police officer -- were sentenced on Jan. 4, closing the case. Riddick and McQuiller, the Banner-Herald reports, told authorities about Yadav's bizzare recruitment methods.

[H/T Wired]

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