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Birther and Former Army Officer Denied Medical License Allegedly Over Political Views


"What does it take to make you believe that he is a U.S. citizen?"

Former Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin. (Photo: AP)

No matter your thoughts on President Obama's citizenship,* members of both sides will likely be interested in this story.

Remember Terrence Lee Lakin? If the name doesn't ring a bell, how about Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin. Still no dice? How about this: he's the birther Army officer who refused to obey orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he said those orders were coming from a president with questionable citizenship. He was put before a court martial and sentenced to jail. After serving six months, he was released and dishonorably discharged from the service.

So why are we talking about him again?

Well a shocking new charge has emerged from Lakin's attempt at a civilian career in Kansas. According to him, he was denied a license to practice osteopathic medicine not because he wasn't qualified, but because of his political views.

"The dishonorable discharge had no bearing on Lakin's license to practice medicine in Maryland or Colorado," reports KCTV in Kansas. "But the Kansas board ruled Lakin's refusal to deploy to Afghanistan '…potentially jeopardized the health, safety and welfare of the military troops for with applicant was employed to provide medical care.'"

The board is the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, which is appointed by the governor and "decides the fate of doctors in Kansas," according to the station.

So Lakin --  a doctor of osteopathic medicine -- went before the medical board. The hearing lasted about 16 minutes and a transcript shows the board was mostly concerned with his politics, not his practice. KCTV reports:

Lenexa physician Michael J. Beezley kicked off the questioning about Lakin's thoughts on the president.

"So I guess you need to explain the difference between going to Afghanistan in 2004 and going over there after President Obama was elected," said Beezley. "Is that the big kick?"

"Yes," replied Lakin.

Ellsworth Dr. Ronald Whitmer then followed up.

"Do you believe he was a U.S. citizen, President Obama?" he asked.

"I don't know," Lakin replied.

"...the long form of his birth certificate has been publicized," Whitmer said. "What does it take to make you believe that he is a U.S. citizen?"

"I think that I have a question and I don't think that question's been answered, but if this has to do with my medical capabilities...," said Lakin.

"What would make you have that answered?" said Whitmer.

Whitmer kept pressing Lakin.

"Say if and when he's elected again and the Reconciliation Act becomes law, which it already is, and all of a sudden we have 20 million more people who've got healthcare, are you going to refuse those people because this is?" asked Whitmer.

"No. No. No," insisted Lakin. "I was being ordered to a combat zone to, you know, put my life on the line."

The board eventually denied Lakin a license because "the court-martial is dishonorable conduct," according to the transcript.

According to KCTV the board refused to comment on the hearing. But the station did note it was odd that Lakin was refused a license when another doctor who went before the medical board did. Why is it odd? Because that doctor had "a history of medical mistakes and malpractice payouts." One patient even died as a result.

But he's in. Lakin, pending an expensive appeal that he's not sure he can afford, is out.

Read the full story at KCTV.

You can read the transcript and listen to the hearing here.

*Author's note: I feel it's important to note this isn't a story about the merits of Lakin's previous claims about Obama. Rather, it's about whether his political views factored into his denial of a medical license. And if so, is that appropriate?

(H/T: Blaze reader Joe)

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