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Forget 'Tebowing,' It's all about 'Bradying' now


You want to know the best thing about the Internet? It never stops giving.

Just when you think a certain meme has run its course, someone comes along and makes a hilarious modification that keeps it alive for much longer than anyone thought humanly possible.

Our wallet looks like that after going through the wash...

Everyone is familiar with the “Tebowing” meme, right? You know, the Internet fad where people take photos of themselves doing this... pretty much every conceivable location. And not just random people: TV personalities, Playboy models, and professional athletes have all gotten in on the action.

So, as the “Tebowing” fad was spawned from viral Internet photos, we’re really hoping that this twist on a tired meme will catch on:

Awww, what’s the matter little guy?

Okay, Okay, to be fair, I’d probably sit down and cry too if I had thrown possible game winning passes only to have my receivers drop them…over and over and over.

In fact, I’d probably bawl like a girl, bang my little curled up fists on the ground, and scream “Why? Why? Why?” Maybe that's why people hated playing games with me.

Actually, you know what would be fun? Readers should submit their own "Bradying" photos. It's not like it's a difficult pose -- all you have to do is sit there and look glum.

How about this: if enough readers submit photos, I'll do a follow up article showcasing the funniest ones. Of course, this all depends on reader participation. So, the ball is totally in your court.

You can send your photos via email by using the link above or just copy and paste …whichever is easiest for you.

Happy "Bradying."

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