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Prosecutors Push for Tougher Bail After Sandusky Seen Ogling Children in Schoolyard


The headline is enough to send chills up one's spine.

After accused serial-pedophile Jerry Sandusky was reportedly seen ogling children in a schoolyard from the close proximity of his own back porch, prosecutors on Tuesday asked that Sandusky be kept indoors as part of his bail conditions. Currently, the former assistant coach is under house arrest.

The state attorney general's office argued in a court filing that Sandusky's bail conditions should be revised so that he is only allowed outside to seek medical treatment, and for no other reason. Prosecutors opposed Sandusky's request to be granted contact with his grandchildren as he awaits trial on 52 child sex-abuse charges.

"Several individuals from the adjacent elementary school have expressed concerns for the safety of children at their school and the adjacent neighborhood," prosecutors wrote. "Such concerns will only mushroom if defendant is permitted to roam at will outside his house."

Fox News adds:

The allegation he was watching children was outlined in an exhibit attached to the filing, a memo from a state investigator to a county probation officer that said a teacher and intern had reported concern for the children's safety.

"They advised the neighbor that yesterday they had the children outside for recess as it was a warmer day, and that they both witnessed Mr. Sandusky on his rear house deck watching the children play," wrote investigator Anthony Sassano on Jan. 26.

Sandusky's lawyer, Joe Amendola, did not immediately respond to the latest prosecution filing.

It said Sandusky's son's ex-wife "strenuously objects" to her three minor children having any contact with him, and that prosecutors believe Sandusky was fortunate to be granted bail.

"The commonwealth believes that (the) defendant should be in jail," prosecutors wrote. "He has been granted the privilege of being confined in his own home, which is spacious and private and where he can eat food of his own preference and sleep in his own bed at night. House arrest is not meant to be a house party."

That court document, and several motions filed late Monday by Sandusky's lawyer, come ahead of a court hearing Friday regarding his bail modification request.

The entire report can be viewed on Fox.


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