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Un-American Act': Palin Slams Obama's Contraceptive Mandate as Violating Constitutional Rights


"...we will fight...to the death for our freedom of religion..."

On Tuesday -- Valentine's Day -- former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had a not-so-loving message for President Barack Obama. In an interview with FOX News' Greta Van Susteren, Palin unleashed on the president's contraceptive mandate, calling his actions against the Catholic Church "un-American."

Palin uttered this term, which is bold to attach to any U.S. politician -- especially a president -- two times during her interview with Van Susteren. The former vice-presidential candidate was clear that she sees Obama's stance on the mandate as morally, Constitutionally and politically unsound.

"Very poor politics that they would choose such a battle," Palin said. "One -- to pick a fight with faith-filled Americans. You know, we will fight...to the death for our freedom of religion and for the rights that are protected by our United States Constitution."

Following these remarks, she unleashed her "un-American" label not once, but twice:

"This is an un-American act of our president. Anything that would so blatantly violate an amendment within the United States Constitution is un-American and Barack Obama needs to re-think what he has just done to the people of America because we're rising up on this one. We're not going to back off and we're not going to say 'Okay, it is alright that such a violation of conscience -- such a violation of those things that our founders fought and died for -- we're just going to sit back and let it happen to us.' Not this time."

Watch these comments, below (around 1:50):

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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