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Kid Romney rooted for player worth most money


In an interview with the Grand Rapids Press in Michigan on Wednesday, Mitt Romney shared some of his early childhood memories about baseball. Coincidentally for the former Bain Capital CEO, they were money-related:

The first question is the toughest. Tigers or Red Sox?

Mitt Romney: Oh, Red Sox, I’m afraid. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for 40 years.

I grew up a Tigers fan, of course, and Al Kaline was my hero. I remember one game, we were at Tigers Stadium, Briggs Stadium we called it back then, and the guy in the next box was cheering “Mickey Mantle, Mickey Mantle, he’s our million dollar player, he’s our million dollar player.” We were playing the Yankees, of course. And then Roger Maris came up and “Roger Maris, he’s our million dollar player.” Then when Al Kaline came up I said, “Al Kaline, he’s our five million dollar player.” Of course, today that would seem like small money, but not back then. But I was about 10, and I was very irritated with the Yankees.

Read the full interview here.

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