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Beck Pens 'We Are All Catholics Now' Op-Ed for the Washington Post


"we must all stand up as one"

This morning, the Washington Post published an op-ed written by Glenn Beck. The piece, which focuses upon religious freedom and the need for the faithful to come together, is a direct response to the religious freedom violations that are occurring here in America -- particularly against the Catholic church.

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The op-ed follows Beck's weekend trip to Europe, where he met with Catholic leaders to discuss efforts to create a coalition of individuals and leaders from various faiths. In the piece, he writes:

Many people – including those who use contraception and abortion – respect those whose faith teaches them that God wants them to do or not do certain things. They recognize such faith in themselves. Some people don’t drink alcohol. Some don’t eat pork. Some people wear a hijab. Some work in soup kitchens. Some tithe 10 percent of their income. All because God tells them to.

That is what a conscience is – a belief in a higher power, greater than the state, greater than any man. That makes religious people a danger to the state – and a powerful force for change. Religious people stood against slavery. They stood against injustice. And today, they stand against a culture of death and a culture of hatred. On July 28, in Dallas, I will convene a meeting of the faithful – all faithful – to celebrate life and restore love.

Because when the state comes against the Catholics, or the Jews, or the Muslims, or the Pentecostals, or the Mormons or those of any other faith – exotic or familiar – we must all stand up as one: We are all Catholics now.

Read the entire piece here.

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