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Fu** You...Now It's My Turn': 90-Year-Old Man Describes Harrowing Shootout With Burglar


"You son of a bi***!"

A 90-year-old California man testified in a Marin County court this week about his harrowing shootout with a burglar during a home invasion.

Despite taking a round to his face, Jay Leone came out guns blazing and foiled the robbery of his home.

Leone testified that he didn't even know he had been shot at first, despite the near-lethal bullet wound to his face.

"To tell you the truth, I never felt a thing," he said.

Leone stated that after he was shot himself, he hit his attacker with three rounds, before the two of them ended up wrestling on the floor. Leone said at one point his alleged attacker, 30-year-old Joseph Cutrufelli, grabbed his gun away, put it to the elderly man's head and pulled the trigger -- but it was out of bullets.

After hearing the click of an empty gun, Cutrufelli ran away, but called the police due to his own wounds, as per Leone's account.

Gunfire wasn't the only thing Leone said he exchanged with alleged burglar Cutrufelli. He had some choice words for to share as well: "I said, 'F—- you, you son of a b----, now it's my turn."

KCBS-TV has more background on the case here:


This week's court proceedings, according to the Daily Mail, are meant to allow a judge to:

"decide if Cutrufelli should go on trial for attempted murder, burglary, robbery and firearms offenses by a felon.His lawyer has asked for the charges to be dismissed saying Cutrufelli was denied access to a lawyer in hospital and the crime scene was contaminated."

Mr. Leone's gunshot wound was still covered in court with a bandage in the area of his face where the bullet struck. It entered his jaw and exited his neck without causing a fatal wound.

Leone has held up surprisingly  well after the traumatic, near-death experience, though during his hospital recovery he contracted pneumonia and was fitted with a breathing tube. After nine days in the hospital, he was released.

Leone is a former member of the Marin County's Sheriff's Air Patrol. He keeps five guns in his home, and was able to get to one by disappearing into his bathroom during the home invasion.

And once Leone got his hands on his own firearm, he made the decision to stand and fight.

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