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Co-Parent': Canadian Educator's Odd Response to Media Attention on the Gun Sketch Story


"We do work hand in hand with these families, because we co-parent."

Why did a Canadian school think they had a right to freak out when a pre-schooler made a crayon drawing of a gun?

It's quite simple. The teachers and the education system did so, because they consider themselves to be "co-parents" of the children.

The story about Jessie Sansone has been burning up TheBlaze all day. Jessie is the Canadian man who went through the humiliation of a police strip search as well as being arrested and having his home searched all because his 4-yr-old daughter drew a picture of Jessie using a gun to kill "monsters."

The overwhelming public opinion on this story says that the school overstepped its authority. The school and school administrators disagrees. After all, the Superintendent of Education in the region believes that the educators are "co-parents" of these kids.

Seriously. Co-parents.

Watch the Superintendent, Gregg Bereznick explain it.

H/T Brian Lilley of Sun News Network in Canada

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