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Battle Mug': Check Out This Amazing Laser Sighted Coffee Cup


"Not just functional, it's tactical."

Why drink coffee out of a standard foam cup when you can rock out with a tactical "Battle Mug" with three scope rails made to military specifications?

Introducing the Battle Mug, made by U.S firm OpticsPlanet.  You don't have to go through BUDS training with the SEALS to have the most high speed looking coffee cup  imaginable in your cubicle. 

The Battle Mug is made from an aluminum block and can hold a pint of the tastiest caffeine concoctions, or even your favorite microbrew.

The Daily Mail has more on this unusually creative beverage container, including that is has:

"A night vision unit... three different laser dots, a bottle opener, two carry handles with night sights – and a bipod for standing it up on. Each $250  mug is custom-engraved with its own unique serial number, includes a removable AR15 carry handle."

Here OpticsPlanet’s Steve Ledin demonstrates in a YouTube video the mug’s capabilities, which includes the astute observation that it's "not just functional, it's tactical,"  courtesy of Optics Planet:

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