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Beck Reacts to Breitbart's Death & Reveals First Time They Talked


"He is the guy who exposed ACORN and really made it personal to the American people."

On his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck spoke about new media mogul Andrew Breitbart's untimely death. In addition to announcing the tragedy, Beck talked about his past interactions with Breitbart and encouraged listeners to be cautious when addressing any conspiracy theories that might arise as a result of his passing.

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"I didn't know Andrew that well," Beck said, going on to talk about his first time speaking with the founder of the "Big" web sites. In particular, Beck recalled a phone conversation during which Breitbart told him about the videos that ended up bringing down the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

Beck recalled Breitbart's offer to expose the ACORN videos on his television program. In addition to describing this conversation, Beck delved into the internal FOX News debate that surrounded the story and praised Breitbart for shedding light on the scandal.

"He is the guy who exposed ACORN and really made it personal to the American people," Beck explained. "We had heard of ACORN before. We had known ACORN was a problem. But it was those video tapes he did with [James] O'Keefe that brought it home to people."

Later on in the show, Beck further delved into Breitbart's death and encouraged individuals to refrain from jumping to conclusions.

"I urge you -- in fact, I beg of you not to go to any conspiracy theory. Breitbart had made many, many enemies, but do not go to conspiracy theories," he said. "Let's not jump to conclusions and spread things that will spread so fast and you'll never be able to take them's not wise...with that being said, leave no stone unturned."

A caller named "Rob" later told Beck that he believes it's important to take note of the fact that Breitbart claimed to have videos of Obama's college years. During his CPAC speech, Rob said that Breitbart announced his plans to release the clips during the 2012 campaign.

Again, Beck said "we need to be really careful about conspiracy theories," but reiterated that he was supportive of learning all of the facts surrounding the incident.

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