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Bachmann Warns: Feds Could Use Budget to Limit Number of Babies Born per Family


"That could happen."

During Tuesday night election coverage on the GBTV program "Real News From The Blaze," Rep. Michele Bachmann expressed her growing concerns over the implications of the recent debate involving the mandating of contraceptive coverage.

The Blaze political analyst Will Cain asked Bachmann if the Republicans had "bungled" the issue which is now, he argued, perceived by much of the public as a "war on women."

Bachmann responded that she felt it would be a mistake for conservatives to get caught in "trap" defined by the left.  Her greater concern -- the overall cost of health care for women and how much they might lose under the Obama administration.

Bachmann then described what she sees as a plausible and disturbing scenario.  She began with her summary of the position expressed by the HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius -- that the government should cover contraceptives because it is less expensive than pregnancy to the federal government.

"Going with that logic," Bachmann says, "It isn't far fetched to think the President of the United States could say...we need to save health care expenses...the federal government will only pay for one baby to be born in the hospital per family. Or two babies to be born per family. That could happen."


Bachmann's assertion caused "Real News From The Blaze" anchor Amy Holmes to interject: "Congresswoman are you suggesting that this administration, or a next administration, would actually advocate a one-child policy like Communist China?"

In the clip above, Bachmann outlines the points of her argument, concluding that the dangers of the current policy direction are "profound."  She stressed she is not saying the President Obama would necessarily pursue such a radical approach, "I'm not saying he is going to do it, I'm saying he has the power and authority to do it."




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