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11-Year-Old Reporter Challenges Michelle Obama on 'Government' Role in Anti-Childhood Obesity Push


"How do you respond to critics who say the government should not be telling people how to eat or to stay active?"

The video featured above captures one of those rare, "out of the mouths of babes" moments. In an interview released Monday, an 11-year-old reporter named Topanga Sena challenged the first lady Let’s Move! anti-obesity program.

Michelle Obama was asked to respond to critics of the program who say the government has no business telling people how to eat.

Miss Topanga is certainly showing promise as a reporter and, according to the Free Beacon, is currently reporting for Scholastic News Kids Press Corps in Florida.

Below is a transcript provided by the Beacon:

TOPANGA SENA: How do you respond to critics who say the government should not be telling people how to eat or to stay active?

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, that’s absolutely right—and Let’s Move! doesn’t do that. Let’s Move! is not about having government telling people what to do, because government doesn’t have all the answers. I mean, a problem that’s this big and affects so many people requires everyone to step up. So we’re asking everyone to do their part. Parents have to make some changes at home, but they need the information to be able to make those choices. And they have to have access to affordable foods in their communities—fresh and healthy foods, right? We need government to do its part, but we need businesses to do their part, as well.

However, as The Blaze has extensively reported the first lady's anti-childhood obesity push has done everything from revamp the menu at Olive Gardens to include "kid-friendly," low sodium options nationwide to take the happy out of Happy Meals by requiring the fast food giant to include -- whether it is asked for or not -- apple wedges and less french fries in every child's Happy Meal.

The Blaze has also reported on what happens when local school districts take hold of children's lunch options, thus Sena's question on government control of food choices seems fitting.

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