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Corporation's cartoonist blasts corporations' free speech


In attempt to ridicule the idea that corporations ought to be able to spend money in campaigns to make their voices (and the voices of their investors and shareholders) heard, Washington Post editorial cartoonist Tom Toles created this:

However, with this cartoon, the liberal Toles successfully made an argument that was the opposite of what he was shooting for.

He wants Americans to believe that money's not part of free speech and, more to the point, that corporations should not have a voice in elections.

Toles and the many anti-free-speech people on the Left -- plus, a few on the Right (a certain 2008 GOP nominee for president comes to mind) -- believe that corporations should not have a voice when it comes to elections.

Unless, of course, that corporation happens to own a newspaper.

The Washington Post Company, which own the Washington Post, where Tom Toles is paid to make political points and inject opinion into elections, would be one of those corporations.

Wonder what Toles would think if we actually took him up on his argument and banned political speech from all corporations.

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