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Report: Soros Allegedly Tried to Make Love Spat Lawsuit Go Away With $250K 'Bribe


"In short, this lawsuit is nothing more than a blatant attempt . . . to extort millions of dollars from Soros with frivolous and publicly disparaging claims."

(Photo: Celebrityvibe.com)

George Soros is entangled in something of a tawdry and messy lawsuit with his ex-girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr. She’s taking him to court because, according to her lawsuit, he didn’t follow through on his promise to buy her a swanky $1.9 million Manhattan flat.

How much is she seeking from the infamous billionaire financier? $50 million. Apparently, it’s the only thing that will make the pain go away.

True, many Blaze readers probably know all about Soros’ failed relationship with a woman 50 years his minor. However, what many Blaze readers probably didn’t know was that, according to the New York Daily News, he tried to bribe Ferreyr’s cousin with $250,000 to convince her drop the lawsuit.

“The cousin says the offer was a bribe; Soros’ lawyer says it was merely an attempt to settle the dispute,” the Daily News reports. “The $50 million suit also contained claims of emotional torture, harassment and violence — all denied by the twice-divorced Soros.”

When Ferreyr threatened legal action, Soros made Mauricio Carneiro, himself a lawyer, a cash offer of $250,000, according to the Daily Mail.

“Pursuant to your conversation with George Soros . . . I understand you may wish to be helpful with the situation,” the billionaire’s lawyer William Zabel wrote to Carneiro in an email seen by The News.

Carneiro responded by writing “he could not be bought.”

“I was shocked that George called me to offer me $250,000 in order to get my sympathy, get rid of her lawyers and settle the case,” Carneiro wrote back. “I learned of Mr. Soros’ malicious actions against my cousin and I am shocked by his behavior. Adriana’s character is of the highest order.”

Although Soros’ lawyer admits that his employer had in fact “reached out” to Carneiro, he denies anyone offered him a bribe, saying the sum could have “been meant to cover legal fees.”

“George had met him before and he liked him,” said Zabel. “He had reached out to him because he is a lawyer and a relative and he hoped to settle the case before it went to court. It is in no way a bribe.”

Ferreyr's lawsuit claims that, during the five years they dated, Soros repeatedly “dangled” the promise of a luxury Manhattan flat in front of her.

But in August 2010, “while they were in bed” –

Many will have a hard time scraping that image from their head.

– Soros apparently told Ferreyr he had finally bought the pricey Manhattan flat. The problem was, he bought it for anther “girlfriend,” according court papers.

“An argument ensued, and the beauty claims the elderly man choked and slapped her and threw a lamp, cutting her foot,” the Daily News reports, “His lawyer claims Ferreyr broke the lamp. She also claims that he hired goons to follow her around to protect his new girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton, who got the apartment of her dreams.”

Soros’ lawyer, to put it simply, says Ferreyr is full of it.

“In short, this lawsuit is nothing more than a blatant attempt . . . to extort millions of dollars from Soros with frivolous and publicly disparaging claims,” Zabel said.

Maybe it's a shakedown. It's wouldn't be the first time a young woman has attached herself to an incredibly wealthy (and much older) businessman with the intention of scoring a huge payout. Not much can be said until the case is heard.

But what can be said is this: between Soros' women troubles, his sudden interest in a "trendy" clothing store, and hitting the gym twice a week, we can't help but feel that he sounds less like "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England" and more like a cast member from Jersey Shore.

(Front page photo source: Celebrityvibe.com)

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