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Red Bull Pulls Ad With Jesus Using His Own Name in Vain & Faking Biblical Walk on Water


"It's not a miracle. You just have to know where the stepping stones are!"

Red Bull, the popular maker of energy drinks, is dropping an advertisement the company created in South Africa after Christians voiced outrage at its portrayal of Jesus Christ. The television spot depicts the Biblical story of Jesus walking on water -- but with a few twists and turns.

Rather than using his divine power, the cartoon version of Christ steps out of a boat and can be seen standing on water, using rocks to prop himself up. This, of course, differs greatly from the Bible's recap of what happened between Jesus and his disciples on the water (the actual story is in Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52 and John 6:16-21).

"This is boring. We won't catch anything today. I'm going home," Jesus says, stepping out of a fishing boat and onto the water.

"Jesus, stop. How on earth are you doing that," one of the disciples asks. "You're walking on water!"

The other disciple steps in, saying, "I think he's had a Red Bull. You know it gives him wings!"

Then, Jesus responds by saying that Red Bull has nothing to do with his purported walking on water and the first disciple responds, saying, "What, not another of your miracles!"

"It's not a miracle. You just have to know where the stepping stones are!," Christ replies.

The clip goes on to show Jesus skipping on the stones to keep himself above water -- literally. The most controversial portion of the clip, though, is when Jesus uses his own name in vain -- a factor some media outlets, including the Associated Press, failed to mention.

Following outrage from South Africa's Roman Catholic bishops, who have been urging Christians not to drink Red Bull as they fast for Lent, the company has apologized.

"It is never our intention to hurt anyone's feelings," a statement reads.

Below, watch the television ad:

(H/T: Associated Press)

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