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Only Blood of the Rich Will Stop Occupy': St. Louis Hit with Frightening Pro-Occupy Graffiti


"class war"


Following a confrontation between Occupy protesters and local police last Thursday, vandals have hit the city with frightening pro-Occupy graffiti.

Buildings, walls, and statues have all been defaced.  The city's public safety director woke up to the words, "Blood on your hands," sprayed on his front steps.

Similarly, a hundred-year old statue now has the words "class war" scrawled across it, and a door that says "Park Police" now reads, "Only the blood of the rich will stop Occupy."

Look at some of the incredible photos, below:



Critics of the movement have long predicted that it would become openly violent, and while the local leadership has said the vandalism was not "officially sanctioned," they are far from renouncing it.

"I frankly don't know who is doing it," member Susie Chasnoff said, "but clearly it is an attempt to express anger and frustration. It speaks to frustration that people feel over a hopeless situation with the police."  Last Thursday fifteen "Occupy St. Louis" protesters were arrested for refusing to comply with the area's 10pm curfew.  Reports say that the window of a police car was broken, and that police used pepper spray.

Eddie Roth, the public safety director whose home was vandalized after he enforced the curfew, said, "We don't think this is representative of the Occupy movement in St. Louis, which is one of the reasons we have tried to keep it low key. But it does point out the need for the Occupy participants who are passionate but responsible to push back against the few who are intent on being destructive."

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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