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Romney out$pend$ competitor$ in Illinoi$


It's a broken record, but leading up to Tuesday's Illinois GOP primary, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has thoroughly outspent his competitors once again. POLITICO reports that  Rick Santorum’s campaign and super PAC have been outspent by a margin of 7 to 1 in the Illinois primary, 21 to 1 in the Chicago media market.

"Romney’s campaign has spent $1,117,704 million in Illinois while the super PAC Restore Our Future has put in $2.556,353 million.

The Santorum campaign spent a comparatively modest $219,961 and the super PAC backing Santorum, the Red White and Blue Fund, put in $312,150.

The gulf was even more enormous in the crucial, expensive Chicago media market. There, Romney’s campaign spent $710,158 and his super PAC spent $1,367,125. The only pro-Santorum spending was $97,119 from the campaign, the same source said.

That amounts to a spending disparity of 21 to 1 in Romney’s favor."

Final polling before Tuesday had Romney up 15 points. 

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