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Could Sandra Fluke Get Elected?


She wants to fight for women the same way Debbie Wasserman Schultz does.

Sandra Fluke may have ambitions higher than simply testifying before Congress. She may want to be the one asking the questions. Over the past few days, the Georgetown Law Student and now-exposed feminist activist has given multiple indicators that, while she still needs to finish Law School, a place in the nation's capitol or elsewhere may be her primary goal.

As to what that office would be, it's too early to tell, based on Fluke's quotes on the subject. However, her divisive record as a lightning rod of controversy probably limits her political options to running in strongly Democratic areas. Nevertheless, she wouldn't be the first person to use a highly contentious hearing as a springboard to national office. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry used his testimony at the so-called "Winter Soldiers" hearings to gain national attention, as well.

Here's the video of Fluke's admission, courtesy of MRCTV:

Fluke cites Debbie Wasserman Schultz as one potential inspiration, should she decide to run. Do you foresee Fluke being a successful public official? Weigh in below. Also, click here for the Blaze's full coverage of Fluke's appearance and subsequent press.

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