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Amazing Danish TV Clip Ridicules Obama's Robotic, 'Copycat' Statements


"Maybe the 'copy' key got stuck on the presidential writer's keyboard"

World leaders are frequently stopping by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to meet with the President and First Lady.  Less than ten days ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron popped over for some meetings, a press conference filled with jovial banter, and a celeb-packed State Dinner. On March 5th, Obama told Benjamin Netanyahu, "We'll always have Israel's back."

However, when it comes to some of our other allies around the world, the President (or his speech writers) seem to have a problem coming up with an original compliment. Witness this report from Thomas Buch-Anderson, a Danish TV host who collected some of Obama's statements about Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, and the Philippines. They all sound just a little too similar.

President Obama is a busy man with a full schedule. Aside from doing the "people's business" and starting to push his 2012 re-election campaign into high gear, he must also devote considerable time to his role as the face of America in the international community. We would hope that the President's speech writers might find a little time to create something new, or at least something different each world leader and ally visits the White House.

Not everyone can be America's BFF.


H/T Michelle Malkin

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