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Is This Trayvon Martin's Twitter Account?


Account with username NO_LIMIT_NIGGA may have been Martin's.

Social media has often been criticized for damaging peoples' ability to maintain privacy. However, in the case of Trayvon Martin, it may have enabled media and police to paint a more accurate picture of the deceased. The Daily Caller and Yahoo News both have stories on new information surrounding Martin's activity on such sites as Facebook, Myspace and (maybe Twitter). Following a post by blogger Don Linehan on Wagist, both sites have cited tweets sent from the account NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, which they say has been positively identified as belonging to Martin. In fact, the Daily Caller dug up Tweets as far back as the start of this year, compiling a 152 page document containing all of Trayvon Martin's alleged correspondence.

One picture from the Wagist post certainly backs the allegation up, showing a picture associated with the account which matches photos taken from Martin's Facebook account, as well as Martin's previously used nickname on Facebook - "Slimm":

Compare this photo taken from Martin's Facebook profile:

Yahoo News declines to name the Twitter account by name, but cites it as giving details on Martin's personality. The Caller is, obviously, a bit more explicit. Their document, if it truly represents Martin's Twitter correspondence, includes some Tweets which may be seen as damaging. For examples, scroll down (warning for language):

This tweet, sent to the now defunct Twitter account, lends credence to the theory that it belongs to Martin as well:

It should be noted that neither Twitter nor the Martin family has confirmed that these tweets belong to Trayvon Martin. It is also possible that the Tweets have been photoshopped or otherwise tampered with, seeing as there are some obvious stylistic differences that exist, even among some of the Tweets on the Caller's site (for instance, some are spelled more accurately than others). However, if genuine, these Tweets may give us more insight into Martin's enigmatic life and character.

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