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Limbaugh Advertiser Accuses Boycotters of 'Terrorism' for Targeting His Company: 'Hissyfitters


"You don’t have to strap on a suicide bomber’s belt to engage in terrorism.”

In a dramatic segment on Megyn Kelley's show, Rush Limbaugh advertiser Mark Stevens -- founder of marketing firm MSCO -- blasted protesters of Limbaugh's show for effectively committing acts of "internal American terrorism" against his employees and company.

Despite not agreeing with Limbaugh's comments about Sandra Fluke, Stevens says he and his employees have been targeted with threats, possibly even including death threats, as well as harassment and abuse via phone and email.

"They’ve called my people and my company, they’ve called the women at my company, and told them they’re women haters, the most horrible terms," Stevens said. "They’ve told me — these are tens of thousands of emails, by the way, most of them are positive but the small group — they’ve told us that we’re under surveillance. The email subject line says ‘citizen of the internet,’ ‘police of the Internet,’ ‘Mark, you’re in danger,’ ‘your house is going to be surrounded by buses,’ ‘your business is going to be destroyed,’ ‘your people are in trouble.’ This is terrorism. Why don’t we start calling it what it is?”

Limbaugh himself recently lent support to Stevens on his show, fingering the group Media Matters as the one responsible for the "boycott" on his show, which has spilt over onto Stevens' business.

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While Stevens himself hasn't named names regarding who his critics are, neither did he dispute Rush's account. Nor did Stevens say he was frightened of the prospect of protests, even outside his house.

"Let them come," Stevens said. "Something is going on here that has to be addressed because the country's at risk. If I can't advertise where I want to advertise, my business, because of a small group of people who - you can tell, because the vast majority of the emails are in support of us, Rush, the constitution, the American way - a small portion of people, that I call the hissyfitters, who are like children. When my kids were little, they used to go on a screaming fit, and they lay down on the floor and slapped their hands on the floor. My wife and I had a choice, whether to give them an ice cream cone or make them go to their room. Too much of what's going on in America right now is we're giving these hissyfitters an ice cream cone. We have to stop it, and I'm not afraid, and bring on the buses."

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Stevens says he plans to advertise more heavily, stand his ground, and give no quarter to his opponents.

(H/T Mediaite)

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