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Do The Right Thing!': Watch a Fiery Beck Unload on Spike Lee for Tweeting Address of Elderly Couple


You are responsible if anything happens to those innocent people.

On his Wednesday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck unleashed a fiery tirade against Spike Lee after the controversial movie director tweeted what he assumed was George Zimmerman's home address. Many think the move reckless under any circumstances, however, matters were made far worse when it turned out the address Lee sent out to his entire list of Twitter followers was wrong, belonging not to Zimmerman but an elderly couple with no relation to the shooter.

Now that family has been forced to leave their home and may not be able to return soon if ever as they "fear for their life."

Beck slammed Lee for his reckless decision and said he would be ultimately responsible if anything were to happen to the couple. He also said that Lee should foot the bill for the couple's hotel, relocation, and even buy their house, as it will surely be difficult if not impossible to sell after his antics.

This was a monologue for the record books. Watch below:

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