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Insane Attempt': Man Wearing Wingsuit Allegedly Launches Himself Off Cliff Using Mini Cooper


"Never been done before!"

We've brought you crazy videos of stunts and extreme sports before: men jumping off cliffs in wingsuits; dare devils whipping themselves around a huge rock formation on a giant rope swing; cars hitting nearly 300 MPH.

This next video wraps up almost all these elements into one. The YouTube description for a video entitled "Insane Attempt at Human Flight" says it all: "Man + wingsuit + canyon + MINI. Never done before!"

Watch the new Mini John Cooper Works Countryman tow as what some have described as "a human kite":

While the footage is jaw-dropping, Business Insider points out that it could be too good to be true:

Sure, the new JCW Countryman blends the superior traction of all-wheel-drive with a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine good for 211 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque, but we seriously doubt its fast enough to provide lift for someone in a wingsuit.

Even it it could, panic-stopping your car on dirt just before the edge of a cliff seems like a really bad idea to us, no matter how many times you’ve practiced it. Make even the smallest error, and you’ll be wishing for a wingsuit of your own as you try to climb out of your car in free fall.

While MINI (surprisingly) doesn’t admit that this stunt was faked, we’re pretty sure the wingsuited accomplice is nothing more than an inflatable balloon towed behind the car, or perhaps an artfully-edited bit of CGI. In any case, we’re sure the JCW Countryman can handle just about anything (else) you’d care to throw at it, within reason.

Many -- including us -- were recently fooled by a crafty piece of CGI (computer-generated imagery) that involved a man who built a set of bird wings and used them to fly. In the end, it all turned out to be an elaborately played fake to experiment with using blogs as a story-telling medium. We'll keep you posted if anything more comes out on this Mini-Cooper-launching-man-in-wingsuit situation.

The new MINI itself is touted as going from 0 to 60 MPH in seven seconds and tops off at 140 MPH.

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