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Backpedal: Arby's Immediately Regrets its Decision to Block Customers on Twitter


"No announcement, no apologies, and no offers of all-you-can-eat curly fries.”

When Arby's announced last week that it was pulling its ads from the Rush Limbaugh program, several (likely) conservative customers criticized the fast food chain via Twitter, The Blaze reported.

Arby's responded to these critics by straight-up blocking them on Twitter. Not the smartest move: many customers viewed the Twitter-blockings as amateurish and childish.

Now it looks like the fast food restaurant is desperately trying to undo its self-imposed PR nightmare by unblocking the critical customers:

However, as unprofessional as it was to block customers in the first place, Arby’s isn't doing itself any favors by quietly unblocking them.

See, usually if you tick off your customers, you should publicly apologize or release some sort of official statement. Nope. Not for Arby’s. The "unblockings" have gone unannounced and largely unnoticed.

“Arby’s does damage control as effectively as it handles social media outreach,” Twitchy reports, “No announcement, no apologies, and no offers of all-you-can-eat curly fries.”

Unsurprisingly, covert "unblockings" haven't done much to help win over already annoyed customers:

What do you think?

Do you think Arby's decision to unblock customers is sufficient? That is, will this be enough to win back people who were already irritated with the restaurant’s decision to jump on the “Censure Rush Limbaugh” bandwagon?

Click here to see more Tweets from customers who were blocked and then unblocked.

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