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Race Wars Part II: Beck Explains How the Left is Co-Opting Martin Luther King While Fanning the Flames of Racism


And he thinks Van Jones is at the top of that list...

Earlier on Monday, The Blaze uncovered the shocking statistics about black-on-black crime, revealing that more African Americans are killed every year at the hands of other African Americans than U.S. military personnel have died in a decade of armed conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I wrote that a 2005 special report released by the Department of Justice Statistics Bureau, reveals that approximately 8,000 - 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States:

This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US -- again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans.

To put these number in perspective, recall that over 6,400 U.S. service men and women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined over the course of a decade-long war fought in those nations. During the Vietnam War, which lasted nearly 13 years, some 58,000 Americans were killed -- nearly 13 percent of whom were African American.

While members of the black community are decimating each other in droves, the mainstream media, along with black community leaders like the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, seem to have turned a blind-eye to the violence, focusing instead on what they consider a bigger problem: white racism.

In a move that will likely add fuel to this already-raging fire, Florida State Attorney Angela Corey decided Monday to not use a Grand Jury to determine whether Zimmerman should be charged in the Feb. 26th shooting. The case is reportedly now in the hands of special prosecutor Angela Corey.

Opening his evening broadcast from the newly launched American Dreams Lab, Glenn Beck reviewed major components of the country's ongoing (and quickly accelerating) "race war."

The New Black Panthers

Reverends Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee are not the only ones who seem more focused on white-on-black crime. The New Black Panther Party has also set its sights on a different "prize" -- namely, the white "devil." Ironically, this includes Hispanic George Zimmerman -- the Florida neighborhood watchman who shot and killed black teen Trayvon Martin.

The radical group has asked why there aren't more riots in the wake of Trayvon Martin's death and is "booting up" and "suiting up" for the incitement of an all-out race war that commenced Monday, April 9. New Black Panther's Tampa chief, Michelle Williams, conducted an organizing conference call last week with members in preparation for the occasion.

Below, Beck and his crew reviewed the New Black Panther's shocking calls for violence:

Riddled with racial epithets including the terms "honkies," "crackers," and "pigs," Williams rallied that blacks take up arms in violent conflict against oppressive Caucasians. She also levied a bounty on George Zimmerman's head -- "dead or alive" -- while simultaneously lamenting African Americans who are "afraid" to "kill a cracker" unlike their less-timid counterparts in the Los Angeles area who are, according to Williams, unafraid of engaging in violent confrontation.

The Blaze transcribed a portion of the audio, which, for reference, follows below. Caution, strong language is used:

“I say to everyone that is on this call right now, I'm coming out of the gate like a greyhound on a rabbit's a**…my prize right now this evening is going to be the bounty -- the arrest – dead or alive – of George Zimmerman," Williams proclaimed during the call.

"To every brother, to every female, I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence.  You feel me?  It’s time to wake up."

She went on to explain that "it's in me to fight" and to "raise up soldiers."

"It’s in me that every time my feet touch the ground in the state of Florida -- these crackers -- they scared."

Much of the call was equally inciting and filled with similar vitriol. Most notable, perhaps, was when Williams expressed her disappointment that Florida has not yet burned over Trayvon Martin's death.

“I’m kinda pissed off right now that the state of Florida ain’t on fire," she announced. "This could not have happened in L.A. because them brothers up there are not scared to riot.  This could not have happened in St. Petersburg Florida, where the black men over there ain't scared to kill a cracker.”

Williams was joined by her cohort, Chawn Kweli, who talked excessively about the necessity for bloodshed:

“And as the Scripture said, you gotta cross it [Red Sea]," Kweli said. "We gonna have to cross the Red Sea…I know y’all thought it was talking about some sea in some Middle Eastern part of the world- hell noWe’re talking about some blood.  You’re gonna have to cross some blood, and go through some blood and some battles."

“And there are those who wish they could stand in this hour, to see the destruction of the devil‘s world and the devil’s society... I’m talking about that blond-haired, blue-eyed, sometimes brown-eyed, Caucasian walking around with a mindset, a demonistic mindset, and a nature to do evil and brutality.”

"This is not about Trayvon Martin," nor is it "about justice," Glenn Beck said in response on his Monday morning radio broadcast. "It is a race-war" and a "conspiracy to kill."

"Tell me the people holding this conference call shouldn't be in jail."

While others dismiss the New Black Panthers with a wave of the hand as an isolated, fringe-element of society, the group is in fact a political movement effectively fanning the flames of racial discontent. Bear in mind Attorney General Eric Holder refused to even investigate the New Black Panthers after the group engaged in voter intimidation outside Philadelphia polling booths. The Panther's "Minister King Shabazz" carried a billy club, and is reported to have leveled it at voters while he and another Panther shouted racial slurs. It may not come as a coincidence then, that the group's newly invigorated race war is timed to coincide with the upcoming 2012 election.

Since the Black Panthers are openly inciting the murder of whites in America, "where," Beck asked, is the Department of Justice now?

Reminding viewers that as much as two years ago he predicted the very scenarios we are now experiencing, Beck also likened the ideology of the New Black Panthers to those of Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Van Jones to name a few. We will explore some of these prime movers in greater detail below.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright

You may have already seen The Blaze's breaking video of Reverend Jeremiah Wright as he delivered three impassioned sermons in West Virginia, of which most would argue went beyond the pale in terms of its divisive, bigoted rhetoric. In a passage that appeared dedicated almost exclusively to disparaging the Jewish people, Wright proclaimed:

“The god of racists is not the God of righteousness. The god of the greedy is not the God of grace. The god of Wall Street is not the God of Main Street...Those are two different gods and I ain’t talking about Allah and Yahweh."

The genesis of this statement can likely be found in the beliefs Wright holds about the Jewish community. It is no secret he considers Jews "racist" oppressors of the Palestinians. He has also been a consistent perpetuator of the age-old Antisemitic slur embraced by Louis Farrakhan stating Jews are nothing more than "greedy bankers." But the Jewish people weren't the only ones on the receiving end of Wright's fire and brimstone.

During his tirade, Wright also castigated Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, telling the mainly black audience that while he may "look like them," Justice Thomas is in fact worshipping "some other god." He also denigrated Thomas Jefferson, saying the former president and Founding Father was a "pedophile."

Wright's controversial proclamations and radical bend come as no surprise to the many who have distilled and absorbed the core messages of his sermons over the course of decades. In fact, it is Wright's unabashed embrace of Black Liberation Theology and the racist views it comprises that so distressed conservatives when it was revealed he served as President Obama's pastor for some twenty years. What then, is so telling about his most recent polemic?

The answer is perhaps revealed in a portion of the sermon in which Wright tells churchgoers they live in a world "shaped by European standards of beauty" along with "Moynihan studies" and "bell curves."

It is these Caucasians of European descent, explained Wright, who "live in a different world" from blacks "all together."

For Wright, these out-of-touch "white supremacists," graduates of Harvard and Yale, are "ignorant and arrogant" yet are leveling policies over blacks "based on the stupidity of David Hume…Voltaire, Georg Wilhelm, Friedrich Hegel, Thomas Jefferson — a pedophile — Theodore Roosevelt and a racist Supreme Court."

“The ignorance and arrogance of white supremacy have the movers and shapers of world policy living in a different world from people of color all together.”

He then instructed the audience that "the sooner you realize that the better off you’re gonna be.”

In just one statement alone, Wright managed to, for those who respect and admire him, drive a wedge between two peoples by casting doubt and suspicion on even the most poignant historical figures and institutions. By dismissing as ignorant one as clever as Voltair; by relegating the Supreme Court to the backwoods of the cross-burning, confederate south; by debasing the author of the Declaration of Independence to nothing more than a backward pedophile -- Wright attempted to preemptively subvert efforts of unity that blacks and whites could embrace. Rather than paint each other as Americans, and as brothers, Wright effectively widened the gulf and, for good measure, burned the bridge.

As Beck reminded, President Obama "found Christianity" through Reverend Wright -- who was awarded by none other than Louis Farrakhan."

 Beck talks about Wright on his Monday morning broadcast:

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Van Jones 

In the words of Van Jones, these elements could very well be combined to form the "perfect storm."

The former "green jobs czar" who released his book, Rebuild the Dream, on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, is fast rising as revolutionary capable of moving the massess. He is one not to be dismissed. And, according to Beck, "he is a very, very, very dangerous man."

Beck warned Americans the day Jones left the administration that he would be more of a threat outside the White House than inside it, as he would no longer be confined to the restraints of his office. "I knew that once he was outside the system, he'd be scrubbed clean of his radical past and made to look like a non-violent, peace-loving guy." He would do this, Beck continued, by masking left-wing violence through populating the "Martin Luther King space."

"He is more of a danger now because he doesn't have to answer officially to anyone," he added.

"What he has to offer is not my cup of tea" nor is it of any "help."

Turning to Jones' "99% Spring," Beck said Jones will use "useful idiots" within the Occupy Wall Street movement to further his agenda. Citing the myriad instances of rape, beatings, and verbal and physical abuse occurring within Occupy, Beck reminded that "you don't fight violence with violence, hatred with hatred."

Jones, who reportedly studied Ronald Reagan in detail, is a "chameleon" who will engage the public on a faith-based level, offering those who "need help" a peace-loving narrative.

If allowed to succeed in filling the vacuum created by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Beck said that Jones, along with Wright, Farrakhan and The Black Panthers will have won.

Beck talked about Jones during his Monday morning broadcast: 


Need for a new movement  

In response the Trayvon Marten hysteria, now Neo Nazis are entering the mix, patrolling the streets of Sanford, Florida in anticipation to the violence threatening to erupt. Where this will end up, one shudders to think.

Beck predicted the tensions are rising to a fever pitch as history repeats itself.

Race, along with class warfare is a powerful tool often used to divide a people and distract from issues those engaged in the rhetoric would wish was swept under the carpet. In order to detract from the "miserable" economy and other policy issues they typically fail to argue effectively, Beck said liberals are using the race war as a distraction and effort to fan the flames leading up to 2012.

This administration will do all it can to "pit us against each other," Beck said both in 2008 and 2010. "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Tired of hearing the left accuse the right of attempting to stop progress, he added, "most of us didn't even know the history of our own country...that's changing."

"It's our responsibility to protect the Constitution. To take the country back from the people who want to destroy it."

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