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Could You Resist? This Belgian TV Stunt Got Millions of Views in Just 24 Hrs (Hint: It Involves Guns)


"We know drama."

TNT, a cable television channel whose slogan is "We Know Drama," added a little -- actually a lot -- of drama to an unassuming town square in Belgium as part of an advertisement. It's an understatement to say spectators were surprised.

It all started with this: a big red button in the middle of the square with the instruction "push to add drama."

Who could resist? When curiosity finally killed the cat and a couple residents pushed the button, mayhem ensued. Paramedics dropping a patient's body. Cyclists running into the emergency vehicle and starting a brawl with the responders. A woman riding by on a motorcycle in her underwear. Cops squealing in for a full on shoot out. And a football team rescuing one of the gunned downed bodies as everyone takes off. That's quite a lot of fan fare to announce the launch of the channel in Belgium.

See the drama for yourself by pushing play:

Perhaps more priceless though are the spectators' reactions, which we've pulled together for you to see in these screenshots below.

Here's how onlookers felt when they realized it was a marketing scheme.

So, would you say TNT knows drama? Given that within a day of posting its stunt on YouTube the clip has gotten nearly 4.5 million hits, it is a slogan with which many would probably agree.

[H/T Gizmodo]

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