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It's Like Nazi Sh** Man': See the 4 Most Bizarre Occupy Videos From the Past Few Days


"Anybody got any insects?"

In the past, The Blaze has brought you some blockbuster videos from the Occupy protests. Back in November, we presented the top five clips from the New York Police Department's successful eviction of Zuccotti Park. And last week, we brought you the oddball bunny-hopping that took place at some recent Occupy trainings.

Now, as the 99 percent-led movement begins to ramp up its spring activities, we have four of the most bizarre, curious and entertaining clips to emerge over the past few days.

First, there's a video from April 15 that apparently shows New York City Parks officers and NYPD cops shutting down the Occupy Wall Street drum circle. The angst-driven music, which has been a staple in the movement, is referred to by officials as "unreasonable noise" and protesters are threatened with arrest.

"It's like Nazi sh** man," proclaims one of the protesters who is angry over the NYPD's drum-circle crackdown. "That's crazy."

The protesters followed the incident up with a "mic check." Watch the incident unfold, below:

Then, another video emerged of the Occupiers and their pet bat (yes, the animal). The creature, which seems to be suffering from an ailment of some sort, can be seen moving around inside of a padded box.

Voices -- presumably those of protesters -- can be heard on camera discussing the bat as it attempts to move around inside of its make-shift home.

One alleged protester sings the "Batman" theme song, while others question the reasons why their pet bat isn't able to fly.

"So, it it dying?," one asks. "Anybody got any insects?," chirps another.

Watch the video, below:

In yet another disturbing clip, an alleged Occupy protester can be seen hanging out on the tracks (literally) of San Francisco's BART train system.

Here, you can see police interacting with the man. Beware of language:

In the fourth curious video, an Occupier describes the deplorable conditions he encountered while slumbering in a gay squat. The man, who covered his face with a black cloth while speaking on camera, said the conditions were "terrible."

When asked by the interviewer, "Where do you think Occupy will be by the fall?," the protester said: "Hopefully a mass number -- that 500,000 people come -- overwhelm the police. The police don't have enough police for 500,000 people."

And he wasn't done there, as he delved further into the details of such a massive Occupation.

"We will march down every street, every corner, every alleyway, every inch of the sidewalk...and then people will turnaround and say. Wow, 500,000 people, 40,000 cops -- who's going to win this one?," he continued. "Most likely, they're going to have to call the National Guard and assist help from other neighboring states to spare any police officers that they can."

Now that the weather is warming up, so are they.

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