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Protesters Pull Off Banner Stunt on Top of Bahrain's Embassy in the U.K.

(Photo: IBC Times)

(AP/The Blaze) -- Two protesters climbed onto the roof of the Bahraini Embassy in London on Monday, unfurling a banner in a protest aimed at the Gulf state's ruling family.

An Associated Press photographer said she saw two men waving a flag on the building's roof.

On Twitter, a user identifying himself as Moosa Abd Ali said they had occupied what he called the den of Al Khalifa, Bahrain's ruling family.

The user posted a photograph of one of the activists perched on the embassy's roof withan opposition banner draped over the building. The banner carried pictures of imprisoned hunger striker Abdulhadi al-Khawaja and senior Shiite opposition leader Hassan Mushaima.

"Over 60 days on hunger strike," the banner read. "Save their life."

Bahrain has been gripped by a 14-month uprising aimed at weakening the powers of the kingdom's Sunni monarchy, and the Gulf state has recently seen a spike in violence.

The growing unrest, which has included vigilante-style attacks in some Shiite areas, could complicate efforts by Formula One to carry out the April 22 Bahrain Grand Prix.

The race was called off last year amid security fears, and Bahrain's leaders are pushing hard to bring back the event as a sign of stability in the island nation.

London's Metropolitan Police said Monday that it was preparing a statement on the embassy incident. Rescue officials said they had two ambulances standing by at Belgrave Square.

Phone calls to the Bahraini Embassy were not answered.

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