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Obama left his ass in Colombia


During the summit in Colombia over the last few days, Silvio Carrasquilla, who once served as the mayor of a town called Turbaco, wanted to give  President Barack Obama a gift: A donkey named "Demo" (short for Democrat).

Demo "has already been given all its vaccinations and is small enough to fit in Air Force One," the ex-mayor said Thursday.

That's convenient.

Unfortunately Obama didn't get the gift because he didn't visit that particular city. He did, however, write a thank-you note to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and asked that Santos share it with the people of Turbaco.

So Obama left his ass in Colombia. At least there will always be this fun flamenco tribute song written for him by Colombian singer Amelia Gómez de López.

It's called "San Barack Obama." I'll translate the lyrics that are in English for you (it's at the end):

Oh Man! Hi Mr. President Obama. Welcome to Cartagena De Indias, the most beautiful city in the world. The colonial view and the Caribbean sea. Please, give our best regards to Mrs. Michelle and to the North American people.

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