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Will Comedienne Sarah Silverman's 'Quickie Abortion' Tweet Sink Her Chances for an NBC Sitcom?


" abortion joke that struck some as too flippant..."

Comedienne Sarah Silverman likely thought she was merely being funny when she sent her now-infamous "quickie abortion" tweet last week. But now, just days after the incident created an uproar, the entertainer may be facing some ramifications for her actions. As NBC weighs the odds of giving the oft-controversial Silverman her own television show, some are wondering if the network will now reverse course.

Reuters has more regarding the Twitter joke that is ruffling more than a few feathers:

With NBC soon to decide whether to give her a show in the fall, the "Sarah Silverman Program" star made an abortion joke that struck some as too flippant... [...]

The pilot would seem to have a strong chance of becoming a series when NBC makes its decision this spring about which of its pilots will become series. The currently titled "Susan 313" is produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, among others, and Jeff Goldblum has reportedly signed on to guest star. NBC and Silverman's representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment for this story.

NBC must know what it's getting into with Silverman. Picking up the show will be a signal that the network is willing to deal with at least the possibility that she'll say or do something controversial, on or off the air.

Controversy and dealing with uncomfortable subject matter is nothing new for Silverman. She has a history of jokes that some would surely find offensive. On her Comedy Central show, the "Sarah Silverman Program," she tackled racial and sexual issues in an alleged attempt to take aim at racism, sexism and homophobia. Some people, though, saw her antics as a ploy to attract viewers or, at the least, as insensitive.

The abortion message in this instance was meant to be a play on the ongoing pro-life versus pro-choice debate, it seems, with Silverman writing, "It's a burrito!" along with the first image she sent on the social media platform. In the end, though she tweeted, "Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned," she was actually speaking about aborting a burrito -- not a baby.

Still, the shockwaves could land her jobless -- at least when it comes to network television -- come the fall. What do you think? Should Silverman lose her chances at an NBC series over the Twitter incident? Take the poll, below:

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